Volume 12 Issue 1&2 2023 (Published Feb 01, 2023)

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Renal Trauma Diagnosis, Complications and Treatment in Aden

Ali M. Alsakkaf, Saleh A. Akares, Faiz S. Ben Buriek

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47372/yjmhr.2023(12).1.5



Introduction: The kidney is the third most common injured solid organ in blunt abdominal trauma and the second most frequent in penetrating trauma. Significant complications and mortality can occur if not diagnosed and treated early. The purpose of the study is to determine the cause of injury, the frequency, complications, and death outcome in blunt and penetrating renal trauma in three hospitals in Aden Governorate.

Methods: Retrospective study was carried out for 90 on adult patients with renal trauma during the period March 2010 to December 2019 in three Hospitals in Aden Governorate (Al Gamhoreah General Teaching Hospital, Saber and Al Naquib Private Hospitals). Demographic data included age, sex, mode of injury, and type of trauma, detailed history and careful physical examinations, hemodynamic stability evaluation and laboratory tests. Radiological investigation included fast ultrasound, computerized tomography and emergency intravenous urography in isolated renal trauma. Post-operative follow-up was done to detect complications and death outcome.

Results: Ninety adult patients with blunt and penetrating renal trauma were included with 75 (83.3%) males and 15 women (16.7%). The most frequent age group was 21-30 years (52.2%). Motor vehicle accidents were the most common mode of injury in blunt trauma (66.7%) and gunshots in penetrating renal trauma (91.7%). Conservative treatment was done for 64.4% whereas 35.6% subjected to surgical intervention. Urologic complications involved 12.2 % and 5.5% died.

Conclusions: Associated organ injuries are the frequent injuries in blunt renal trauma. Complications and death outcome are most common in penetrating renal trauma with associated injuries owing to severity of injury.

Keywords:  Renal trauma, Adults, Accidents, Gunshot, Aden Governorate.