Volume 12 Issue 1&2 2023 (Published Feb 01, 2023)

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Knowledge and Practices of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Mothers in Al-Mukalla, Yemen, 2021

Maysa S. Al Noban1, Mustafa K. Elnimeiri 2

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47372/yjmhr.2023(12).2.3



Introduction: The process of giving breast milk for infant during the first six months without adding other fluids or solid food with the exception of medicines; called Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF). It is an important strategy for maintaining and improving child health. The overall aim of the study was to investigate the level of knowledge and practices regrading EBF and the factors associated with them among mothers in Al Mukalla, Yemen.

Methods: A community-based cross- sectional study was conducted in the urban and rural area localities in Al-Mukalla. Five hundred eighty-one mothers were selected randomly for those having a child aged <5 years. Data were collected using a pre-tested interviewer-administered questionnaire. Bivariate and multivariate logistic regressions were used to analyze the association between the variables.

Results: Urban mothers had good knowledge about EBF, while it was widely practiced among rural mothers. Eighty-two percent of urban mothers knew about EBF, and the main source for them was visits to Maternal and Child Health centers. Certain factors like age among rural mothers, education and work of mothers in both areas were significantly associated with EBF knowledge and practice of mothers.

Conclusion: Fair knowledge was common among urban mothers while their EBF practice was comparatively lower than mothers living in rural area. There is a need for efforts and adequate support at all levels to increase the knowledge and translates it into practice.

Keywords: Exclusive breastfeeding, Urban, Rural, Knowledge, Practice.