Volume 10 Issue 1&2 2021 (Published Feb 22, 2021)

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Hand Hygiene Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Health Care Providers in Two Teaching Hospitals, Aden, Yemen, 2020

Ali A. Al Waleedi, Maysa S. Al Noban, Bassam A. Abood



Introduction: A significant way of avoiding nosocomial infections is good hand hygiene. Many health-related infections are thought to be transmitted by the hands of healthcare providers via direct contact. The study aimed to assess hand hygiene knowledge, attitude and practices of health care providers in selected hospitals in Aden.

Methods: In June 2020, a cross-sectional study was carried out. It targeted doctors and nurses in two teaching hospitals in Aden. With self-administered structured questionnaires, data collection was performed after taking administrative permission from the targeted hospitals and verbal consent from the respondents. The obtained data were analyzed using version 20 of SPSS.

Results: From 422 respondents (192 doctors and 230 nurses), male comprised 58.3% and females 41.7%. Mean age was 21.4±7.3 years, and the highest percentage (61.6%) aged 25-34 years. Eighty six percent had 1-10 years of service. Good knowledge of hand hygiene was found in 55.9% of respondents. The majority (98.6%) knew that contaminated hand is a vehicle for infection transmission. Regarding the attitude, strongly agree was answered for the sentiments: hand washing is protective to them (76.3%); fear from contracting disease (65.4%); hands washing should be done after contact with all patients (50.9%); and hand washing can be improved by administrative order and continuous health education (38.2%). Overall positive attitude was encountered in 94.3% of the respondents. Nearly two-thirds (64.2%) indicated hands washing before patient contact or bedside procedures whereas 93.4% have such practice the after contact with patients.

Conclusion: Health care providers in the two teaching Hospitals mostly have good knowledge and practice, and positive attitude towards hand washing but suboptimal practices especially with hand-drying. Hospital administrations should provide proper hand drying methods, reduce workload.   

Keywords: Hand Washing, Awareness, Attitude, Behaviour, Hospitals.