Volume 10 Issue 1&2 2021 (Published Feb 22, 2021)

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Attitudes of Nursing Students at the University of Aden Towards the Nursing Profession

Sanad M. Haider




Introduction: Choosing to study nursing is affected by attitudes that carried by members of society towards it. The attitudes are a general, acquired, relative and emotional tendency that affects the specific motivations of the human being and plays a key role in guiding behavior towards achieving the goals and awareness of its results. The study aimed to identify the attitudes of the Faculty of Nursing students, University of Aden towards the nursing profession and the differences in these attitudes according to the personal variables.

Methods: This is a descriptive study with a universal sample of all three academic levels of nursing students who were targeted with a self-administered questionnaire prepared for this purpose in the period from 22/12/2019 until 20/01/2020. The questionnaire consists of 20 items. Attitude questions were weighted on Likert's five-point scale and attitude score was calculated as follows: negative attitude 1-2.49; moderately positive attitude 2.50 - 3.49, and highly positive attitude 3.50-5.

Results: Overall attitudes of the students towards the nursing profession was moderately positive, in terms of personal views towards the profession, the personality traits of the nurse, the future of the profession, and society's views of the profession. There was a statistically significant differences in attitudes depending on the gender variable, but a difference not found depending on the age group and years of study.

Conclusion: Faculty of Nursing must prepare awareness programs to familiarize students with the nursing profession and its importance, focusing on the image of good nursing practices in the first-year curriculum, developing a description for the graduate and linking the college with the community.

Keywords: Attitudes, Nursing Student, Nursing Profession, Nurse's Personality Traits, Yemen.