Volume 13 Issue 1&2 2024 (Published Mar 27, 2024)

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The Editorial Board of the Yemeni Journal of Medical and Health Research (YJMHR) is thrilled to have this issue while four milestones had been achieved since April 9, 2017; the date of the decree of the Rector of the University of Aden No. 377 of the reformation of the Editorial Board after journal interruption for around four years.

The first achievement was indexing our journal in the Index Medicus of the Eastern Mediterranean (IMEMR), followed by receiving the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Print: 2707-5613 and Online:2709-0000, establishing the journal website (https://yjmhr.edu.ye) and the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) System for each published research. Such achievements were not an easy endeavour in the current situation given the many challenges we are facing. They cannot be achieved without the researchers’ wonderful contribution, and continuous and hard-pressing efforts of the Editorial Board members and our distinctive reviewers.

We are craving in the YJMHR to exert the best of our efforts to provide our researchers, academics and practitioners unparalleled insights on new research, current practice and future trends to help gain useful overview of relevant scientific update on the current health problem in our country.

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